There is no place like home.

That’s why we have dedicated our careers to making the purchase and sale of homes go as smoothly as possible for our clients. Even more so, we want you to enjoy the transaction many years after it’s completed.

To this end we’ve put together some helpful resources to assist you with making your house the best place on the planet for you. Enjoy!


Team Bruno

Resources designed with you in mind.

2019 Home Design Trends

Want to know the hottest new home design trends of 2019? Then you’ll enjoy this informative guide authored by Jackie Harger, a member of Team Bruno with decades of interior design experience.

Buying In Lake Tahoe

Looking for an investment property or a second home in Lake Tahoe? Or are you looking to live there as your primary residence? If so, here are some recommendations to consider before making a purchase.

Winterizing Your Home

Many people love living in Reno and Lake Tahoe because of the seasons. Winter brings wonderful snow to play in, but it also can be harsh on houses. This handy guide will help you winterize your home.